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BLEED is an independent online publication, created within the final year of my degree for Graduate Fashion Foundation’s Fashion Communications Digital Portfolio Award. 

The brief of this project was to create a “digital fashion portfolio” demonstrating individual creative identity and an understanding of future trends and contemporary visual communication methods. Encompassing the pathway of media, BLEED features articles, interviews, and editorial imagery, with the aim of championing emerging creatives within the fashion industry (including but not limited to designers, photographers and stylists). 


Inspired by the ethos of punk, BLEED is about rebellion, embracing nonconformity and the pushing of boundaries. BLEED aims to inspire its audience, evoking creativity and determination through reading the stories and appreciating the work of other young (or career-young) creatives.

As BLEED is based in London, individuals featured will predominantly also be London-based, so as to ensure the content of the zine stays as relevant as possible to the publication’s London-based readership - allowing for BLEED’s audience to better connect and share experiences with the featured individuals.


Through creating this project, I utilised and developed my skills with Adobe InDesign, designing the entire zine using this software.  Along with this, the project also showcased my skills in creative writing, allowing for me to write a variety of articles on topics that I am passionate about (including an interview-based article which also allowed me to improve my interviewing skills with a subject). 

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