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Forever 21
The Marketing Plan

This project was created within the second year of my degree within a module titled ‘Fashion Promotion: Professional Practice’. The project’s brief was to create a marketing campaign for a high street fashion brand which focused on the launch of a new range. Having chosen the subject of the campaign to be Forever 21, its main objectives, along with increasing profits, were to improve customer opinion of the brand and re-establish Forever 21 as a relevant fashion retailer within the ‘current’ (pre-pandemic) US market.  


The project began by conducting a strategic audit into the brand, analysing both its micro and macro marketing environments as well as completing a SWOT summary and considering the brand’s strategic options. After the direction of the campaign had been decided, the main marketing plan could be created, taking into consideration the campaign’s aims and objectives, target markets and customers, and strategy (including products, price, place, and promotion) as well as the campaign’s timeline and budget. 


This project was an opportunity to demonstrate my strong analytical skills through conducting a thorough brand analysis, as well as also demonstrating the extensive marketing skills that I have gained throughout my degree by creating a full, in-depth marketing plan for a brand. 

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