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Generation-Z and the
Fashion Magazine


‘Generation-Z and the Fashion Magazine’ is a professional, industry-facing white paper report which explores the ways in which Generation-Z consumers are negatively affected due to the lack of size diversity in fashion publication imagery. The report also examines the Generation-Z demographic’s current disengagement from traditional fashion publications and aims to provide the information and expertise needed to aid publications in adapting their content to successfully retarget this generation of consumers.


Providing analyses into the perceptions of size in society, the semiotics and visual communication methods within popular fashion magazine covers and the fashion magazine’s relationship with Generation-Z consumers, this report explores the issue before presenting a solution for traditional fashion magazines to evolve and retarget the Generation-Z demographic.


Created as my Major Negotiated Project Realisation within the final months of my degree, the project featured various primary research methods, including a survey enlisting the first-hand experiences and opinions of (adult) Generation-Z participants about fashion publications, and an exclusive interview with Freedom 2 founder and Justice in Fashion co-founder, Mel Manning, who has extensive experience working with the wellbeing of young people. 

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