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Plus-Size and the
Athleisure Industry


Created within the first semester of the final year of my degree, ‘Plus-Size and the Athleisure Industry’ showcases my gained skills relevant to the marketing industry. The illustrated report explores the issues faced by plus-size consumers in the athleisure industry and proposes a solution for a current athleisure brand, Lululemon, to better embrace and target the plus-size community as consumers.


Stemming from the introduction of a more inclusive size range, the project’s ideation focuses on improving brand identity and trust, before expanding its target market, ultimately leading to an increase in profits. This would be done through a promotional campaign embracing inclusivity and body positivity, contradicting the brand’s previous messaging, to improve its overall public perception. Utilising social media marketing would be a huge part of this campaign, using a combination of paid, owned and earned media to successfully target the plus-size consumer group.


The project utilised my skills in social media marketing which I have gained and improved on throughout my degree and experience working within the industry. As well as this, the project’s brief focused on proposing a solution to a current issue faced by plus-size consumers within the athleisure industry, therefore exhibiting my skills with problem-solving and analysis, on top of my creative writing skills. 

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